Golf clubs allow members to enjoy the sport of their choice with the added benefits that come along with membership. Many club owners want to offer their members exceptional value for their dues. Forget struggling with coming up with ideas, use these tips to offer the best value to your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Playing Conditions

Part of country club management is keeping the grounds clean and neat. Offering players an exceptional playing experience keeps them coming back to play week in and week out. One of the ways to capitalize on this is by constantly keeping the courses neat, clean and ready for play.

Customer Service

Focus on offering exceptional customer service from the moment they call or walk in until the moment they leave your facilities. You want them to brag about the exceptional staff and kindness they received at your location. You want them to feel like the most important person at your club. While a small thing, good customer service can keep even a small club high in membership.

Future Focused

The best clubs look to the future and what they can start doing now to get to their future goals. While you may already have high expectations for your club and staff, look for ways to have any improvements. Small efficiency improvements can save money while an additional groundskeeper may bring in new customers to see the manicured greens. Look at ways to improve the services offered in the clubhouse such as seasonal drinks or socials.

Flexible Operations

Look for ways to be flexible in the way the club operates. By creating a budget that accounts for the unexpected, it allows the operation of the club to go off without a hitch despite unexpected things happening. Inevitably, there will be something that happens to put the club at odds with their plans. Instead of looking for ways to cut the budget, plan for the unexpected ahead of time.

Facility Investment

Continue to invest in the facilities you have. By keeping them well-maintained, you draw in members and save costly replacements down the line. If your membership is growing, look for ways to add more value such as a bar, conference room or larger bathrooms. Look for ways to constantly maintain your existing amenities and offerings to keep them in the best shape. The amenities are what keep your members coming back and renewing year after year. Make sure the facilities are a priority for your club as well.

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