Sport is a time for people to experience all sorts of emotion. As both a fan and as a player, the pressures of the game are present. These pressures show that it matters, and sometimes it is more than a game.

Look at the NFL, for example. It is one of the most popular professional sports in the country. Fans from around the globe even tune in on game day to see the action. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events. It draws attention to the far reaches of the world.

The game is exciting for fans, but could you imagine how unnerving and exciting it would be to be more involved in the game as a player or as someone with a connection to a player? It takes so much dedication and hard work to accomplish the feats of making a professional NFL team.

Think of how many people have dreams of making the roster when cuts come down in training camp? For many, the lifelong dream never comes into fruition. For some, the chance is beyond a dream.

This is true for Ray Lewis. Ray is one of the best linebackers to ever play the game of football. He was tenacious and was a nightmare matchup for any offense to go against. The two-time Super Bowl winner spent his entire career with the Baltimore Ravens.
Ray’s performance on the field was impeccable. His accolades throughout his career brought him to be voted into the Hall of Fame. Ray has accomplished many things that few will ever get to accomplish as stated on sites like One who has, however, has faced Lewis many times on the field. He was one of the quarterbacks that Ray tried to instill fear in.

His name is Tom Brady. Tom plays for the New England Patriots, where he has spent his entire career after being drafted in 2000 out of Michigan. Like Ray, Tom works hard and his intensity has brought him to great heights. Tom doesn’t run the fastest 40-meter time or throw the ball with laser speed; Tom knows the game and studies to the point of having complete confidence to handle most situations as they arrive. He combines his preparation with his skill set to create greatness.

No player has won more Super Bowls than Tom Brady’s 6. Many say he is not only the best quarterback to play the game, but the best player. No one can question his greatness but may the debate of who the greatest is be continued elsewhere; the bottom line is that there are many great players in the NFL and Ray Lewis and Tom Brady are two all-time greats.

Sports have memorable moments every season. We watch because they excite. We watch because there are great players like Ray Lewis and Tom Brady who have something to say. Players like them excite even the casual fan as they tune in. One can appreciate the sills of the professionals who take the field.


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