Figure skating is a winter pursuit that seems to fit into season perfectly when the temperatures drop. This sport can get a little intimidating, especially for adults, if they don’t know what they’re doing. Before you step onto the ice, make sure that you grab yourself a pair of fitting figure skates which are more lightweight as opposed to hockey skates.

Figure skating tips for beginners

If you’re a beginner, check out quick tips to save yourself from potential embarrassment:

  1. Get good skates

At most centers, there are places where people can hire skates at affordable prices. If you decide to buy a pair, make sure that you choose a decent pair that not only fits you well but one that will last.

  1. Tie the skates correctly

The right skates could not work for you if ties incorrectly. You should ensure that you don’t tie them too tight or your feet will get numb. Also, if you tie them too loose they won’t provide your ankles with proper support.

  1. Get some lessons

Take up a few classes if you would really like to master the fundamentals. Most rinks offer group lessons for various ages. You should also consider bringing a friend or two – this helps you feel more relaxed and at ease.

  1. Avoid looking down

Don’t spend all your time looking at your feet. Instead, keep your head up and look in the direction your feet are going. If you’re always looking down you’ll collide with so many people.

  1. Avoid leaning backward

If you lean backward you’ll easily fall on your back and injure your head or even your spine. The best position is bending your knees a little and moving your weight to the front. Make sure that your hands are opened wide and held out forward to help you maintain balance.

  1. Warm-up slowly

In the beginning, your muscles are expected to be cold considering that the sport takes place in a cold arena. It’s not advisable for you to stretch before skating. Stretching in a cold environment could very easily lead to a muscle tear.

  1. Keep going – no stopping

Once you get started, you just keep going. Do the following if you don’t wish to keep going anymore:

  • Bend your legs at the knees
  • Turn the feet so that they almost face each other
  • The toes should point in and your heels out

Doing the above slows you down and eventually you’ll stop moving.

  1. Skate in the right direction

In the beginning, it’s okay for you to move in random directions. With time you’ll learn that there’s a directional rule to follow. If you skate in the wrong direction you risk injuring yourself and other people too.


Balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength are the basics of ice skating. Learning these four basics really pays off. You feel a certain satisfaction for going out there and accomplishing something that seems difficult in the beginning. Remember that proper instruction too is important especially if you would like to move forward to more advanced skating.

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