Supplements can be effective in supporting your athletic performance goals if you take them rightly. A study by the CDC states that about 40% of people in the US take supplements every day. As a result, the supplement industry is worth more than $37 billion.

There’s no doubt that supplements with beta-alanine will help you to boost athletic performance. But before you take these supplements, you need to understand a few vital things about them.

Read on to know what these things are.

  1. They Don’t Replace Healthy Choices

Some people think that because they’re taking supplements, they can be careless about their health. Some athletes even reduce their workout training because they think supplements will add them energy. However, taking supplements and not following your workout routine is like taking lung cancer drugs but still smoking.

To get the best results from supplements, you need to combine them with your daily training routine. Supplements don’t fix problems that come from an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, they supplement healthy habits.

  1. You Should Take Supplements When Your Diet Lacks Some Micronutrients

Athletes often resort to supplements when they don’t get enough micronutrients from their meals. Many factors such as limiting your diet, dairy or gluten intolerance, and veganism may make you lack some essential nutrients that you require for optimal athletic performance.

Eating a lot of processed foods may also make you receive fewer micronutrients. It’s best to always a balanced and healthy diet to get micronutrients. However, if the nutrient density of your food isn’t balanced, there’s no harm in consuming additional vitamins or minerals to boost your performance.


  1. Too Many Supplements Can Be Dangerous

Moderation is vital in all the diet choices that you make as an athlete. Just like having an extra glass of wine may prevent you from attaining your goals, ingesting too many supplements may affect your health. Although the amount of supplements that should be taken varies depending on an individual’s need, you should limit your daily intake.

It’s always vital to visit a doctor and receive a prescription from them. That way, you won’t have to worry about taking too many supplements. Additionally, it’s vital to keep an inventory of the supplements you take to make sharing information with your physician easy when you go for an appointment. Only take products that have been confirmed to be safe. You should also take supplements that’ll promote your athletic journey and not minimize your abilities.

Doctors discourage athletes from using energy drinks as supplements because they may be harmful. Studies show that some energy drinks have very high levels of taurine and caffeine. So, if you take too many such drinks, your athletic endurance will reduce and you may end up in an emergency room because of cardiac issues.

Instead of picking up a supplement on the shelf, you should do some homework to find the right brand for your athletic needs. You may have to pay more, but it’ll give you the best results. If you can, avoid cheap supplements because they may not be safe for your health.

The Bottom Line

Supplements can help to improve your athletic performance greatly. But before you purchase them from any store, you need to ensure that they’re safe and fit your athletic dietary needs.



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