Imagine chilling in the sun while cruising on crystal clear water on your private Catamaran. In case you don’t know, a catamaran provides the perfect vessel for the best sailing holiday with your family.

Considering the comfort offered by Catamarans, they are becoming the boat of choice of so many vacationers. To learn more about Catamaran, keep reading.

Unknown Facts about Catamaran!

As popular as the catamaran may seem, below are some unknown facts about them:

  • Existed for 3000 years

Will you be surprised to hear that the catamaran design has existed since 3000 years ago? Have you seen a wooden raft before? The catamaran design was influenced by the wooden raft used as far back as 1500 BC.

The first catamaran was 200 years ago while the modern version was designed and built by Nathanael Herreshoff sometime in 1870. Since then, the catamaran has become one of the favored sailing boats for holidays.

  • Fast and Furious

Considering the size of the catamaran, you would expect it to move slowly like most ships. On the contrary, the catamaran is fast and furious. In most cases, they are even faster than a yacht. However, like most boats, the size often determines the speed. In other words, if the catamaran is smaller, then it is going to be faster.

  • Docking a Catamaran

Compared to other boats, docking a catamaran can be a whole lot of work if you’re not trained. No wonder, it is safer to get a trained sailor who knows how to maneuver the catamaran. Although it may seem easy to sail a catamaran, you need to be trained and licensed too.

  • Stability

Because of how the catamaran designs, it offers more stability even in very rough seas. The catamaran provides some extra width that makes it very difficult to choke during a high wind. No doubt, the ride on a catamaran is smoother and closer to the sea than other boats.

How much does a catamaran cost?

It is difficult to state the exact amount a catamaran would cost. However, some factors determine the price of a catamaran. For instance, the size of the catamaran would determine how much the boat would go for. More so, some catamarans can be up to 60 feet or more. What’s more, the catamaran could be smaller too.

A used catamaran can cost at least $300,000 or more. Not to mention, the new catamaran would be more expensive. Furthermore, you can find a catamaran within your budget. Just ask a good catamaran vendor and you can be the owner today!

Wrapping Up

No doubt, sailing on a catamaran brings its fun and excitement. A catamaran offers safer sailing on high seas because of its build and design. A reliable catamaran Website would offer more details about catamarans.  You can visit for more on a catamaran.

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